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Produits cosmétiques naturels
Rouge à lèvres bio
Vasculature du coeur
Mode futuriste
Rouge à lèvres rose
produits de beauté naturels
Modèle avec Beautiful Dark peau

Into Beauty Flow is a trend-forecasting micro-company with expertise in beauty, health and wellness. As society changes at unprecedented speed, analysing the present and predicting for the future has never been more pivotal.


As the cosmetic universe continues to react, grow and evolve in response to change in consumer behaviour, Into Beauty Flow harnesses specialist information from web and social sources to help align businesses with the sector of tomorrow.


Get in touch today to see how Into Beauty Flow can elevate your marketing strategy with market specific insights, identification of next-generation territories and support in the development of new products that speak directly to the desires of your target demographic.



Following works at ELLE France and Carlin Trend, and a further 2.5 years as a prospective and project manager at L'Oréal Group, I took the plunge to set up and lead my prospective & trend-forecasting agency. Offering a unique emphasis on the wider beauty industry, Into Beauty Flow combines my passion for cosmetics with a yearning to promote self-love, confidence and holistic wellbeing.


Into Beauty Flow is proud to work with other trend & prospective agencies, cosmetics groups, start-ups and established brands.

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